"Great Quality will definitely order again!" --Linda L.

About Our Natural Beef

We are Mike and Chick Debach, brothers, and together we founded the All Natural Beef Company in order to fill a market void for health-conscious consumers who wanted lean beef produced with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or steroids added to their food. Our all natural Angus Beef are raised in an animal and environment friendly setting. We don't fatten our beef with grain or send them to feedlots. Instead, we choose to raise them in a completely natural setting.

Even as kids, we were involved in the meat industry. In 1963, our father, Charles, opened Leona Meat Plant. We worked alongside him for over 20 years until in 1985, when we bought the plant from him. While working side-by-side with our dad, we developed a wealth of expertise in the meat industry and with this knowledge, we grew to understand that the best way to raise cattle was the way nature intended. We raise our Angus Beef naturally without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Their diet is one strictly of natural grasses which results in an exceptionally lean beef with a tasty full, delicious flavor.

The way we see things, it wasn't part of Mother Nature's plan to give cattle growth-stimulating hormones which artificially speed up weight gain to maximize profits. Neither was the use of antibiotics intended. Most other major beef suppliers use antibiotics to compensate for the cramped conditions in which many cattle are raised. We prefer to take the old-fashioned approach when raising our all natural grass fed beef.

Because we believe leaner beef is healthier beef, we only raise Angus Beef which is naturally lower in fat than other breeds.

We have always been committed to sustainable agriculture, a system of farming that revolves around practicing responsible stewardship of both land and animals. The goals of sustainable farming are to produce food and fiber in a way which is environmentally sound, economically viable, and humane.